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Tuesday July 14 2020 

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Team Rules

Archbishop Wood Wrestling Team


1. All school rules apply: code-of-conduct, athletic-academic eligibility, drug and alcohol policy, harassment, etc. (see AW Student Handbook). If it is in the handbook it applies to this team and does not involve the coach. These are administrative rules. If broken, students will lose wrestling time and or be removed from the team.


2. Attendance – Attendance is mandatory for all practices and events, any wrestler missing 3 practices (unexcused) will be dismissed from the team. If you are going to be absent, let the head coach or team assistant coaches (Kevin Reilly, Dillon Evans) know otherwise it is unexcused. Telling a teammate does not count.


3. Attendance – all wrestlers are expected to remain at ALL matches and or tournaments until the events are completely finished. Wrestlers leaving early, without permission will be benched or dismissed from the team, at the discretion of the coaching staff. If you wrestle varsity and do not help with clean up, you will be benched the next match or tournament.


4. Hazing – of any type will not be tolerated. Anyone caught hazing a teammate will automatically be referred to Administration for disciplinary action.


5. Practices – begin at 2:45p.m. sharp. DO NOT BE LATE. Excessive tardiness will result in discipline action and possibly removal from the team. If you stay for extra help, bring a note from the teacher. No note, no entry into practice. This is an unexcused absence.


6. Varsity Letters – Varsity Letters will be earned by any athlete who wrestles in 10 varsity bouts over the course of any one year of competition or any athlete who competes in the PCL Individual Tournament. All other athletes will receive a Participation Certificates. Any athlete who does NOT wrestle 10 varsity bouts in any given year, yet remains part of the team from 10th through 12th grades, will earn a varsity letter upon completion of their senior year.


7. The team will be determined by a wrestle-off. The coaches reserve the right to change the line-up.


8. You will be assigned a uniform – do not trade pieces with teammates as this will mess up our inventory system. Get permission from coaches.


9. You are expected to ride the bus to the match. We are a team. Do not even ask to go home with a friend. You may go home with your parents. If you miss the bus you cannot wrestle.


10. Email or text the head coach if you are going to be absent, PRIOR TO PRACTICE – chris@elitetechniquetraining.com ; Cell (267) 784-6720


11. Any other situations not covered, the Head Coach has the final say.


12. Use the Ken-Shield product every day, as this will cut down on skin infections. EVERYONE must shower after practice using the special soap provided. Wear a hat home from practice.


13. You will respect, and speak with respect, to all coaches, volunteers, officials, teachers and any other adult that is associated, or interacts with, our wrestling program. Any back talk, conflict, or derogatory statements made toward any of the aforementioned adults will result in disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the team.


Wrestle Off Rules


1. The Varsity team will be picked by a wrestle off system. You must win two out of three matches to win the spot.


2. Once the Varsity team is determined, you can challenge for any weight class you are certified for. You must beat the challenged wrestler two times. He has to beat you once to defend his spot. Wrestle off's are not guaranteed and need to be earned and will be scheduled when convient for team & coach. Coach will grant approval for wrestle off by wrestlers attitude and effort on the mat in practice and other competions. 


3. You do not lose your spot due to illness or injury.


4. Junior Varsity does not automatically move up to Varsity if an opening occurs at that weight class. The coaching staff will evaluate the wrestlers and fill the varsity spot until a wrestle off is done. It will be best two out of three.


5. The coaching staff reserves the right to move the lineup around, if in their opinion it will help win a match.



Archbishop Wood Wrestling Team Rules Contract


I, ____________________________________, herby agree to abide by the above rules of the Archbishop Wood Wrestling program. If I violate any of the above rules, I will be accountable for my actions and accept the coach’s decision without question, or argument.

  • We have received a copy of the rules for joining the Archbishop Wood Wrestling Team.
  • The coaches have reviewed these rules with us, and we have had the opportunity to ask questions in regards to these rules.
  • And will abide by the rules stated above, set forth by the school and coaches.


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